Courtesy is contagious

Just as I found myself thinking “We need Courtesy-is-Contagious signs” on our multi-use paths, I almost got run off my bicycle by another. When I heard the words “Passing on the…”, I instinctively moved right to make way. I then made physical contact with a dude who was screaming, “On the right, on the right, dammit!” As we both wobbled our way down the concrete, I said, “Passing on the left is standard in this town and across the entire United States.” His reply was an obscenity-laced rant about how I should learn how to ride a bike. I’d like to remind him and the 7,000 potential brand new cyclists in our city that courtesy is contagious and the rules of riding are standardized. You don’t sneak up on someone and then pass on the right. I imagine that this rider is the same driver who darts in and out of traffic on Broadway. Maybe I’m wrong! Is passing on the right a new trend that only reveals my geezerosity?

Evan Cantor/Boulder

Vote yes to repeal CU South

The manipulative wording placed on the Repeal CU South Annexation ballot initiative echoes the misleading traffic counts conducted when CU students are out of town. Both reveal the pro-growth agenda within the city’s governing body. Whether from the City Council or the university, dollar bills consistently trump quality of life issues for Boulder residents. This has to stop. Vote Yes to Repeal.  

Robert Porath /Boulder 

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