Letters 11/12: Delusional Donald, Big Tech


Delusional Donald

Congratulations to our President-elect Joe Biden and our Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their comfortable, convincing victory over the truly terrible, corrupt racist Republican Trump-Pence ticket.  America is back, and diabolical Donald Trump is done!

Like usual, dishonest Donald Trump and his dishonorable, dimwitted sycophants are lying nonstop to the American public, but fortunately a majority of Americans are nowhere near as delusional as Donald Trump. Biden-Harris won easily, and anyone not suffering from brain damage (or fascist brainwashing) is well aware of the fact that Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won.

But deranged Donald Trump continues to whine, cry, complain and compulsively lie to the point where the vast majority of Americans are just laughing at him. Traitor Trump is a plump chump who can’t stop lying, yet defeated Donald feigns outrage at not being believed.  Donald, you’re a fool!

And more importantly, Donald Trump is now and will forever hereafter be known as America’s biggest loser and laughable liar. Oh yeah, and by the way: Enjoy prison, Trump!

Jake Pickering/via internet 

Big Tech has become Big Brother

I still have the 1957 edition of the Encyclopedia Brittanica my parents bought for me when I was a young sprout. Information research was slow and tedious as I moved through the education system, libraries included, but one had time to weigh what one found, and term papers required that sources be cited. 

Today, information is truly “encyclopedic” from multiple sources at lightning speed in one’s hand. The pluses and minuses of this can be debated, but the side story is that the various search engines also collect the proclivities of one’s interests, in essence compiling an individual’s internet profile. This information then is for sale to all bidders for targeted messaging, including political manipulation. Law enforcement is able to monitor internet sites for child pornography and sex trafficking, as well as terrorist and white supremacist cells, and credit ratings are open to all, but the public has no control of knowing where or how its personal information is being used. Telecommunication technology, with its shadowed interconnections and our voluntary participation, has become today’s Big Brother without governance. Tell Facebook, Google, et alia you want to know.   

Robert Porath/Boulder

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