Letters: 1/24/19

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On forest shooting

I disagree with Matt Cortina on the premise of his article “On The Range” (Re: News, Jan. 17, 2019). This is how I would have framed the article:

“Here’s the problem: because there is a shortage of shooting facilities along the Front Range, the only choice left to shooters to enjoy their sport is to go into the national forests to shoot.”

I find it ironic that Denver, and soon to be blessed by the state, is opening up a different type of shooting gallery, for the safe injection of illegal drugs, and the legal activity of shooting sports is being actively restricted.

Lenny/via internet

Danish’s river facts

“With the exception of Hawaii, Colorado is the only state in the country that has no rivers flowing into it. All Colorado rivers flow out of the state.” (Re: “How to increase Colorado’s (and Arizona’s) water supply,” Danish Plan, Jan. 3, 2019.)

The Green River flows into Colorado. The Cimarron River flows into Colorado. Both flow back out, but that’s true in any state for any river that doesn’t end in an evaporative basin.

The Cimarron River may not flow year round. There are no others.

Paul Gilmartin/Boulder

Speak up for the homeless

Thanks for the sad but informative piece by Dave Anderson on homelessness. (Re: “Housing is a human right,” The Anderson Files, Dec. 27, 2018)  The title says it all: “Housing is a human right.” If Congress, states and local governments were to act from that premise, we would soon solve this tragedy. Our calls, letters and visits to those who represent us can make it good  politics for them to take action. Perhaps, send a copy of Anderson’s piece with your own feelings written on the back, or just say, “Please fix this.” We can solve this problem if those who represent us believe “housing is a human right.”

Willie Dickerson/via internet


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