EPA catches Kia, Hyundai overstating MPG claims


The Environmental Protection Agency announced last week that two car companies, Hyundai and Kia, would lower the miles-per-gallon estimates on their 2012-2013 models after the EPA found they didn’t perform to the levels they claimed.

The Kia Soul will suffer the largest downgrade in mpg, six, with multiple other vehicles losing one or two mpg. 

The EPA performed its own independent testing of the vehicles’ miles per gallon and found its numbers didn’t reach the levels claimed by the car companies, both Korean. The EPA had previously received “numerous” complaints about the performance of Hyundais, an EPA press release says.

The cars’ window stickers will soon be changed to reflect the lowering.

“This is the first time where a large number of vehicles from the same manufacturer have deviated so significantly,” the press release says.

See more at EPA.gov.

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