Contents of Whitey Bulger’s apartment set to be auctioned

Buy convicted mobster's toaster to benefit his victims



The New York Times is reporting that the contents of the apartment belonging to convicted mobster and the inspiration for the Martin Scorcese film, The Departed, are going to be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to compensate Bulger’s victims.

From the article…

few items are likely to bring in substantial amounts of money,
including a gold and diamond claddagh ring with an estimated appraised
value of $48,000 and a replica of a 1986 Stanley Cup championship ring.

most of the things found in the apartment have no intrinsic value. The
authorities are hoping they will appeal to crime memorabilia collectors
or other buyers.

The article also said that authorities want to take steps not to glorify Bulger in the process of selling crime memorabilia.

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