Alternative options for a safe ride

New company wants you (and your car) make it home


With three days off and the Boulder Creek Festival to look forward to, Memorial Day weekend gives Boulderites the perfect excuse to go downtown and have at least one crazy evening.

A new transportation service has launched in Boulder to make sure that when that night ends, locals don’t get behind the wheel to drive home. BeMyDD will supply the sober driver you and your friends are too irresponsible to find yourselves, providing an employee that will drive you and your car home.

BeMyDD provides many services, but two options are particularly pertinent to designated

The personal driver service allows the customer to reserve a driver ahead of time. The driver will come to the customer’s home and take them wherever they
wish to go for a flat rate of $14.50 per hour.

People who just need to be picked up from their location can call BeMyDD’s pickup service, and the company will send two drivers and one car to the customer’s location. One driver will chauffeur the customer home, and the other will follow behind and pick up the other driver after dropping the customer at home. The service costs $25, plus mileage.

BeMyDD, based out of Ohio, launched
in the Boulder-Denver area last week and offers an affordable alternative to
calling a cab and a safe option for people looking to make it home, with their
car, after a night of drinking.

“I know a lot of people like to have their car when they wake up in the morning, so that’s one thing that’s positive about BeMyDD,” says Chris Brehmer, the manager of Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery, a local bar that has recently partnered with BeMyDD.

Mountain Sun has posted BeMyDD’s fliers on their community board to promote the importance of securing safe transportation after drinking.

“Any way that we
can promote people getting home safely after they’ve been drinking is a good
situation for us,” Brehmer says.

Alexa Milkovich, the company’s chief marketing officer, says
that signing up bars and restaurants to help market BeMyDD has been successful
in part because designated sober drivers decreases restaurants’ liability.

“Now there’s no excuse for getting behind the wheel,” she says.

Many potential patrons hesitate at the notion of someone else operating their car, Milkovich says, but she adds that all drivers are insured and went through a screening process including criminal and driving background checks.

“Most people have questions about who are drivers are, and it’s not [some bum] off the street,” she says. “All our drivers have driving experience or commercial driving experience.”

Designated drivers can be reserved through the BeMyDD website or at 1-877-823-6933.

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