Left Hand’s latest: Sawtooth, Wake Up Dead get nitro treatment (with press release)


We don’t typically throw up press releases as stories, so don’t get any ideas, PR friends.

But below we’ve reproduced the Left Hand announcement of two new bottled nitro ales, already favorites in their own right: Sawtooth and Wake Up Dead.

The popularity of Milk Stout Nitro is pretty obvious — both on tap and in Left Hand’s groundbreaking no-widget bottle. At this point, Chris Lennert told me last night at Left Hand’s 20th anniversary event, bottled Milk Stout Nitro is just about surpassing Milk Stout not-nitro in sales. Although, as he says, each has its separate appeal.

So Left Hand’s nitro-izing two of its other favorites, the Sawtooth American Extra Special Bitter and Wake Up Dead Russian Imperial Stout. The two beers will be available in Colorado liquor stores for the rest of the year. The nitro treatment smooths out any hoppiness from the Sawtooth, while the Wake Up Dead on nitro is creamy, with a softer finish than the regular.

The Left Hand press release is below.

Sawtooth Nitro
Store cold | Pour hard
Style: American Style ESB
ABV: 5.3%
Notes: Super smooth nutty malt flavors balanced by herbal hops.
Temp: 40-45°
Glass: 16 oz Pub
PKG: Six pack | Year Round
Local Price: $8.99 – $9.99

Wake Up Dead Nitro
Store cold | Pour hard
Style: Russian Imperial Stout
ABV: 10.2%
Notes: Super smooth trifecta of cocoa, dried fruit, & licorice flavors.
PKG: Four pack | Released 3x a Year
Temp: 40-45°
Glass: 16 oz Pub
Local Price: $9.99

Longmont brewery introduces two new bottled Nitrogen beers 

(LONGMONT, CO) – Bell. Saw. Skull. – the choice is now here. Two years ago, Left Hand released the first nitrogenated bottled craft beer without a widget – Milk Stout Nitro. Last night on the opening evening of the Great American Beer Festival, the brewery debuted the next generation in the Left Hand Nitro series: Sawtooth Nitro and Wake Up Dead Nitro.

Following the tremendous success of Milk Stout Nitro, Left Hand has developed two more bottled Nitrogen beers from their popular draft Nitro series. “The inspiration for Milk Stout Nitro came from the desire to have a draught experience at home,” said Chris Lennert, VP of Operations. “The MSN six pack has been a solid success – we had every reason to create a similar offering for Sawtooth Nitro and Wake Up Dead Nitro.” Similar to the classic CO2 originals, Sawtooth Nitro portrays nutty malt flavors balanced by herbal hops while Wake Up Dead Nitro reveals a trifecta of cocoa, dried fruit, & licorice flavors. Pouring hard out of a bottle, all 3 Nitro beers begin with a beautiful cascade and finish with a thick creamy head, crafting a super smooth experience.

Thursday night, the brewery had more to celebrate beyond the Nitro newcomers. With a room full of friends and industry partners, Left Hand’s bash commemorated the brewery’s 20 years of business since their opening in 1993. Attendees got their first taste of Left Hand’s Throwback series featuring Jackman’s Pale Ale, Deep Cover Brown Ale, Munich Dark Lager, Dunkelweiss, and Motherlode Golden Ale. Moreover, the draft lineup also featured all 5 volumes of Fade to Black, the brewery’s acclaimed winter series. Left Hand will distribute all 10 styles to its current markets on draft for a limited time.

Sawtooth Nitro and Wake Up Dead Nitro will be available to the Colorado market only for the remainder of the year. Distribution to additional Left Hand markets will begin in 2014.