Ladies of Paradise expand to Denver


They’re impossible to miss, strolling a parade of sequins and smoke rings. Their bright, eccentric outfits are an extension of their personalities; nothing seems to match, but it all goes together because having fun is a higher priority than blending in. And it’s not just their sense of fashion that causes people to do a double take. Their presence is encompassing, demanding even. They carry themselves with warm grace and kindness, in a way that makes you want to buy some enamel pins and join their girl gang ASAP.

The Ladies of Paradise (LOP) are a tight-knit community of women based in the Pacific Northwest who are dedicated to creating a female-oriented cannabis space. The brand was launched in 2016 by stylists, stoners and creative powerhouses Jade Daniels and Harlee Case. When the Ladies aren’t planning events and creating content for some of the biggest cannabis names in the biz, they’re hanging out at their brick-and-mortar store in southeast Portland, the physical retail space they use as a platform for supporting their fellow cannababes and LGBTQA artists. They’re incredibly popular, leaving a trail of sold-out cannabis parties and 40,000 Instagram followers in their wake. Their first cannabis product — a pack of branded prerolls called Lady Jays -— sold out within a week.

Though Daniels and Case had always had a positive relationship with cannabis, their dedication to community came when they were inspired to build something they felt was missing. They wanted to support brands that aligned with their values and create inclusive spaces for everyone to access high-quality cannabis products in a judgment-free environment that promotes fun and self expression.

Now LOP is expanding to the Mile High City with their next party, on March 9 at Denver’s Cultivated Synergy. The theme is ‘Electric Avenue, a Holographic Disco’. LOP focuses on curating an immersion of all five senses coupled with a pretty good understanding of what entertains us when we’re high. It’s a much more elevated experience so forget the sorts of activities you’d enjoy at a cocktail party. We want entirely different environments with cannabinoids in our system.

Straying away from typical, mundane cannabis events and trade shows, the LOP team strives to create experiential consumption parties where cannabis brands can showcase themselves in artistic ways. Electric Avenue will showcase Colorado cannabis, optical illusions, interactive installations and awesome music, all coming together to create the ultimate trippy vibe. There will be different activations such as a mass media consumption lounge with Native Roots and a hologram bar featuring Denver-based edible brand 1906 New Highs. 1906 will be debuting their Bliss peanut butter chocolates with limited-edition holographic packaging available at the party.

LOP are more than a pretty aesthetic or a #squadgoals post on Instagram. In the cannabis industry, they’ve made squadding serious business. That’s what they want to inspire in other groups of friends: the culture to support and amplify each other, being proud of the power that naturally flows when people come together.

Electric Avenue is free for registered guests who are 21 and older. Along with interactive art installations, there will be dancing, photobooths, goodie bags that include products from Cannabombz, MJ Arsenal and the best people you could find yourself with that night.