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Haha, not so much

A lot of evil people helped The Donald win the 2016 presidential election along with some not-so evil people too. Enter Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon is known for his light comedy and overbearing praise of his guests. It’s not surprising. Talk show hosts are basically PR people who invite the latest cool celebs on to talk about their latest cool movie. But no matter your opinion of how overrated Jennifer Lawrence is, she doesn’t actively spew hate, nor has she ever run for a position to control America’s nuclear weapons.

In case you solidified yourself in your Trump-free fortress during the election, you may have missed Trump’s appearance on The Tonight Show back in September. For the people who could stomach the interview, Fallon was his usual goofy self, but perhaps maybe a little more goofy than usual. He tussled Trump’s hair, delivered some belly laughs and even prognosticated about the possibility of Trump winning the election — all without projectile vomiting!

Now, fast forward a few months to the Golden Globes, where Fallon somehow landed the hosting gig. As is customary, in his opening monologue Fallon ribbed the president-elect saying, “This is the Golden Globes. One of the few places left in America that still honors the popular vote.”

That was one of many Trump jokes, others included comparisons to King Joffrey and a Putin nod. Well Jimmy, we’re not laughing.

Don’t poke fun at someone you willingly helped promote by refusing to chastise him on your show, instead looking at him with those puppy-dog eyes.

But who knows? Maybe Fallon is hiding a “Make America Great” hat under that big desk of his.

Tune in next week when Fallon plays Box of Lies with Bill Cosby.

Logic says Jeff Sessions is still a racist

First of all, it is completely possible for people to change. We have seen many examples of folks who grew up in racist environments decades ago evolve into perfectly acceptable specimens of the human race.

Unfortunately, we don’t think Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, Trump’s nominee for U.S. Attorney General, is one of them.

Forget all the things Democrats are saying about Sessions being a racist. Even though folks like civil rights legend John Lewis and Sen. Cory Booker do know a thing or two about discrimination. And so what if Coretta Scott King wrote a letter describing Sessions racist views and actions back in 1986 in her effort to keep the Alabama politician from being appointed as a federal judge by Ronald Reagan.

To answer whether or not Sessions has changed his stripes over the years, let’s just look at his most recent actions and make a determination based on logic.

First of all, let’s get this out of the way. The reason Trump offered Sessions the Attorney General job is simple: loyalty. Sessions was the first sitting Senator to endorse Trump for President. Trump places loyalty above all else and therefore is simply rewarding Sessions.

The real question is, why did Sessions endorse Trump? At the time of his endorsement, Trump was under fire for his racist positions on Mexican immigrants, Muslims and Black Lives Matter activists, coupled with his support of the alt-right and refusal to even distance himself from the support of white supremacists. Add to it that no one in America was giving Trump any chance of winning a general election at the time Sessions hopped on the his wagon. So what logical explanation could there have been for Sessions endorsing Trump at the height of his critics calling him a racist and at a point when it was completely implausible that Trump would ever be in a position to offer Sessions a cabinet position to pay him back?

Logic says that Sessions was clinging to Trump in order to send a message to his constituents back in Alabama, a message that says, “See, I’m still one of you good ole boys, wink, wink.” And that ladies and gentlemen means that Jeff Sessions is still a racist. A person who tolerates racism in order to gain something from it, is a racist regardless of their other actions.