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How about that Colorado Democratic Party, they’re a lot like their candidate of choice
So what exactly has this election season taught us about the Democratic Party in Colorado. Well, we now know they are lousy planners. They just couldn’t rent enough space or find enough staff to get all those caucus-goers in to participate in the process. At least they couldn’t accommodate them in areas where Bernie Sanders was predicted to do well.

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And then, in some precincts, at least 10, where Sanders did well, the Party just couldn’t add the numbers up right. But, conveniently, by the time they came clean about their bad math, the mistake had already allowed Clinton to grab important, albeit incorrect headlines claiming that she had won more total delegates in Colorado despite getting trounced in the voting. And when it came time to shift delegates from Clinton to Sanders as a result of correcting the faulty math, the Colorado Democratic Party only felt compelled to tell Clinton what the real count was.

They didn’t think it important to notify the Sanders camp that his delegate count went up or even the media so they could correct their false propaganda aka headlines. And now none of this will matter unless all those same Sanders voters continue to show up at things like the upcoming state convention. Of course we are hearing that Sanders supporters aren’t getting notified by the Colorado Democratic Party about upcoming events. Apparently, such notification to attend is being reserved for Clinton supporters.

It seems a dangerous game to play in a state where Sanders supporters could easily remove these high-profile Hillary Clinton manipulators and their elected pals within the Colorado Democratic Party in the next election cycle — should they decide that it’s time to put a little democracy back into our state’s Democratic Party.

You know, that sounds like the beginning of a plan.

No Hall of Fame for Nye
So this climate denier huckster named Marc Morano is trying to promote his new documentary — or more accurately mockumentary — called Climate Hustle. Now you may remember Morano as a frequent global warming critic who is associated with the obviously unbiased Committee for a Conservative Tomorrow think tank. He says fossil fuels have nothing to do with climate change, which is, of course, imaginary. He apparently has no children or grand-children, although we haven’t confirmed this fact. It could be he just doesn’t give a rat’s ass about them. But we digress.

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As part of his quest to make some bucks at the planet’s expense, Morano decided to interview Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and take him down.

But he got more than he bargained for — something that regularly happens when dumb people take on smart people. Nye not only schooled him on how ludicrous his climate stance is, he actually challenged Morano to put his money where his really big mouth is. Nye offered up two $10,000 bets. One was that 2016 will be the warmest year on record and the other was that the current decade will turn out to be the hottest in history.

Needless to say, Morano refused the bets. How’s that for confidence in his stupid position?

The only sad part to this story is that Nye clearly failed to learn the lessons of Pete Rose. As of this week, Bill Nye “The Science Guy” has been permanently barred from the Baseball Hall of Fame for gambling.


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