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There were ballot wins for marijuana in Colorado too

Although state-wide marijuana legalization initiatives like the ones in California, Massachusetts, Florida and elsewhere got most of the attention, several Colorado communities voted on...

Big wins at the ballot box for marijuana legalization

This is huge. Initiatives to legalize recreational marijuana were on the ballots of five states Tuesday, and medical marijuana initiatives were on the ballots of...

Marijuana legalization wars: Follow the money edition

A good way to gauge where things stand in the marijuana legalization wars a week before Election Day is to follow the money. And the...

A pleasant October surprise from Gallup

The Gallup Poll usually asks its marijuana legalization question in October, and this year’s produced only pleasant October surprises. The main finding of the poll...

Legalizing pot isn’t just about getting high

Good news! Marijuana arrests in the United States fell to a 20-year low last year! Now for the bad news. According to statistics compiled by the...

The purple haze (and jury nullification) drifts into Kansas

The Kansas Attorney General’s office last Monday issued a report claiming that in the nearly three years since recreational marijuana sales began in Colorado...

The war to end the war on pot: Latest dispatches

Here are some of the latest dispatches in the war to end the war on marijuana. The news from the eastern front is encouraging. New...

Pot legalization: Good news from California

Another marijuana legalization poll is out, and this one is very good news indeed. On Sept. 26, California’s highly respected Field Research Corporation, which has...

Fentanyl maker fights pot legalization

For decades, the nation’s drug warriors have argued that marijuana should be illegal because its use results in users eventually turning to more dangerous...

Marijuana legalization: Good news in the latest polls

The latest polls on marijuana legalization are in, and they contain a lot of good news. In California, two polls show Proposition 64 passing, one...

Reefer Madness 2016 — ‘Los Angeles Times’ edition

The Los Angeles Times published an article last week that was a latter day incarnation of 1930s-style reefer madness. The headline was “Marijuana: A potent...

Legalization 2016 — the order of battle

Barring last minute legal thunderbolts, the stage is set for this year’s marijuana legalization initiatives. Five states — California, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts and Maine —...