Waking from dreams
Of manic theater
And movie-making,
I arrived at a revelation
Of the high degree
Life in America today
Resembles a Fellini movie
Overlain a Monty Python sketch,
Sadly without
The generous humor.
Barbarians are at the gates.

To live and/or die
With COVID-19 and/or
Climate change?
Aye, there’s the rub.
Within quarantine
Mind your pantry
And batten the hatches.

Following a hot summer
Of drought and raging fires,
We seem duly bound
For a dry winter
Of battering winds.

Take heed of your dreams,
Pray to your gods,
And/or change your ways.

Robert Porath is a retired carpenter with a BA in English from CU-Boulder. You can read more at his blog, Notes from the Provinces, at notesfromtheprovinces.com.