Result Of The Utterance


Every single thing that is alive

All that lives from bees to trees, harmony
from root and branch to you and me
must one way or another declare unique cry
its self, song, direction longed to find.
Its melic presence
and cosmic-willed intent
to survive.

Everything needs to interact
with others also extant.
Each single living organism in the world
must communicate…
expressing identity, pronouncing yearning
and the right to be alive.

From the very start
from the beating heart
from the first breath
as well until the last

everything speaks…

In fancy tongue or brightly colored,
with impressive stature or flapping wings,
shouts or cries or otherwise sings…

each and every single living thing
must communicate

as a result
of the utterance
that made us.

Since the age of 5, Kevin EM Rodgers has wondered if he’s alive… and what was the point for the pain of it all. His entire life he’s searched for purpose and reason, sometimes finding them hidden in plain sight. He tends to combine science and mysticism to make some sense of it all.


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