Sun Gazing


Sunlight’s fingered rays 
reaching through the clouds 
tired of being cold 
I turn my eyes toward 
the deep blue skies 
yearning to break free 
from this Santa Fe world 
there is no distinction 
between living with him 
and living with his lies 
a hundred chances later 
some things never change 
but some things never stay the same 
is this spring fever or a second chance 
a small idea stretches into an epic daydream 
somewhere lost but finding myself 
in the Colorado Rocky Mountains
moving my soul
some spirit is speaking to me 
or maybe I’m just hearing things 
as I gaze up towards the sun 
the brightness overwhelms my body 
as I squint to see the truth 
when I close my eyes 
I’m lost in my thoughts 
until the wind rushes by 
the coolness snaps me back 
to where I stand today
there’s hundreds of miles 
left on the road to travel 
before some dreams 
can ever become a reality 

Jennifer Carr lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her partner and two children. She is an EMT, firefighter and poet.