Sonnet 45

Lee Campbell via Wikimedia Commons

the lyrics go something like yeah, yeah, yeah
while the drum goes chitch underwater cunk cunk
and the singer goes yeah babe yeah yeah yeah
then electric guitar wangs wah wah funk
and you’re holding me close so close so close
‘til the chorus goes ew wah ew wah ew
and I can’t hear the words: yeah yeah at most
‘cause you’re kissing me and I’m kissing you
when the tempo picks up we won’t slow down
when the rhythm gets funky we’ll do the same
we’ll join in for verses sung wrong and loud
and scream ‘til the world thinks we’re insane
that stupid refrain again and again
yeah yeah yeah please play us that song again

As one half of conceptual art duo Saint Flashlight (with Molly Gross), Drew Pisarra has been finding playful ways to get poetry into public places such as film-themed haiku on a movie marquee and a series of lost-dog style flyers that drive to a phone bank of poems. These unconventional installations have been part of the O, Miami Poetry Festival, Free Verse: Charleston Poetry Festival, and Capturing Fire’s International Poetry Summit and Slam in D.C. His first book of poetry Infinity Standing Up, a collection of sonnets, will come out in early 2019. His short story collection Publick Spanking was published some time ago by Future Tense.

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