Pearl Street, 2020


This was supposed to be the year that I returned,
to the breathtaking views of the Rockies,
to the aroma of fresh-ground coffee,
to the fragrances of freshly brewed tea,
to the four-block stretch blending these anomalies.
It was indeed supposed to be my year to see thee.
I have longed to return to this unprecedented community,
I have longed to take in your historic sites,
I have longed to intermingle with others,
it has been too long since I have walked on thee.

This was supposed to be my year, to see
my family, my friends, and my colleagues.
It was supposed to be my year to experience
your architectural vibe, design, and prominence.
I look forward to your return to normalcy,
even the tireless positioning of your parking lots.
I look forward to what you have to showcase,
the musical performances, the arts, the food,
the hustle and bustle that travel upon thee.
I look forward to being with thee. I miss
your character, your charm, your insistence
that I travel upon thee. 

Dr.  Asa Don Brown is an author, speaker, human rights advocate and clinical psychologist.

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