Obelisks in the Desert

Monolith in the desert canyon, 3d rendering illustration metal

Melted moon-wax dripping out
over the leave-less trees tonight
charming me with such good taste
languidly stitching together the patchwork

The textures weren’t half so bright
when they ensconced the darkness
creation flowing out like honey
the apparatus is calling

The landscape changes beneath our feet
what happened to the maps we drew?
If it’s the Godhead that we seek
we’ll have to start from scratch

Harmonious celestial body
struck with discord once again
Vanity of the fallen angel
disgraced in the eyes of God again

All of this just to say
we put clothes on his wickedness
the depraved monkey-nature
he could never accept

Our dreams weren’t half so sweet
as sickly saccharine wine
coating my teeth
pulling them out

All he wanted was to feel everything
he couldn’t see it’s happening now
that arrow shot right through
the exposed collar-bone

Those spectral colors
burned out the spectrum
I think I’d better leave
before the haunting


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