middle ground


we find ourselves 
this long morning of this long week 
children of division 
some of us already know this place 
grew out of it 
like weeds in sidewalk cracks 
we can show you how to 
hang on, eke out, tuck away 
how to do the work 
of building a middle ground 
nothing but love in all directions 
when the world retreats to its corners 

your home is in the people you love 
wherever they are 
however far apart they stand 
let them see you grow true 
stay close enough, if you can, 
to have them hear your story 
learn the wideness of the world 
from each other 
also know when it is time 
to pack up and scatter with the wind 
to safer ground 

I know well the middle ground of 
sometimes losing my godly wagers 
what it is to win some, and to lose some 
once a child 
who I still carry around 
the sun keeps rising 
whether you choose to soak the anger 
in whether you lose your faith or find it. 

you always get an answer 
not always the one you want 
so warm your middle ground 
with fast food and slow hugs 
fill it up with jobs and small joys 
a lot of this life is going to 
happen outside of what we fix our hopes on 

I promise you can grow here 
here there are still 
the building blocks of dreams 
and the extravagant kindness 
of a light that can pull the best of us 
up and out of the 
cracks in the world.

Nicole Kelly is an entrepreneur, poet and part-time pastor at Left Hand Church in Longmont. 


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