in the light


Waking up each morning 
Pieces of my skin stick to my sheets 
Flesh unbound, pulling away 
A viscous, visceral stretch in the direction of 
my movement, a line between what was and 
what is 
I start each day 
Molting, shedding off what I used to be 
Attempting to be comfortable in my own 
skin as I begin 
To try and determine what’s underneath
and let my petals open 
To feel a sense of release 
From all that I’ve surrounded myself in 
Trying to grow and get out from under 
What I’ve been telling myself was peace 
But all along I’ve been in a war with the one
person I can no longer ignore 
So I do my best to break through layers and 
levels of thick fluid and blood 
Painful with the hurt of having a beating, 
bleeding heart, I start 
With my two red-stained hands 
And rip the dead, unwanted skin off me 
So I can not be so down and heavy 
Under the morning sun I have begun to 
realize that for which I strive is to feel 
completely, openly, honestly, deeply alive 
To have each flower that makes up who I am 
blossom and thrive 
I’ll spend every day peeling away and 
clawing through the barriers I’ve built up 
that are in my path 
Until all that’s left is pure and right 
And I’ll wake in the morning whole, intact 
Blooming in the light