where was the attention span placed?
look under the rubble
the distracted clutter of mind is hiding there

it would have remembered to call
if the blue jay was not outside the kitchen window
it would have fixed the heat
if it didn’t decide on a long walk in the flatirons
it would have stayed to socialize at the birthday party
if the sun was not making everything glow

                               taking sadness into its fists and putting logic into it

calm shifted the brain weight
which meant that nothing ever went numb

chasing a quiet
or deliberate variety of noise
steady and in the background
where conversations are drowned out by a drumbeat
on the radio
or a playlist
it could be an oldies subscription station…

swells of emotions rise to the skin
with every tick of the second hand
on the antique clock
that doesn’t actually work
(because time is irrelevant)
but the second hand still moves and sounds
and with it feeling comes and goes

a giant kind of temporary
because the internal sensation is not made up of events
no infection or accusation inhabited

only love without consequence


it is not lonely
to keep forgetting you


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