Face The Dirt


I’m observing the frightening
dangerously changing era of another
trembling foundation,
the rapidly turning event unravel…

it seems the seams
come apart
to bind us.

Our Earth and very reality these days
appear more in their primordial state—unfamiliar,
a massive storm on horizon and shelter collapsing.
This cozy climate we briefly inhabit, rent,
borrow and rudely occupy
shows our temporary and precarious lives
its jagged edges…
histories acute quicksand boundaries
with barred corners in which
civilizations have found themselves painted into…

freezing, starving, not prepared
for the discovery of being inferior
to furious forces of natures and gods
and our own shortsighted actions…

I watch, concerned, our home
our only world,
the inclination of her energy transferred inappropriately
to the compromised wavering of her axial rotation

tilt us all
into a better position
to face the dirt
that feeds.

Since the age of 5, Kevin EM Rodgers has wondered why he’s alive and if there is a reason for it all. He combines philosophy and science in attempt to make some sense of it all.

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