‘The Sopranos,’ ‘Seinfeld’ ranked best-written shows in history

James Gandolfini, star of The Sopranos

The current state of television, both drama and comedy series, has inspired some to call this a period of renaissance for television writing. The Walking Dead, Mad Men, Game of Thrones and others earn accolades for the quality of their writing.

But a recent poll of the writers themselves indicate the best-written shows are in the recent past. The poll ranked HBO drama The Sopranos as the best-written show in history, with sitcom Seinfeld coming in second and other completed shows dominating the list.

The two branches of the Writers Guild of America held an online poll, asking members to vote for the best-written series of all time. The guild is separated into east and west branches, but East Coast shows took the top two spots.

See the story and full list at EW.com.

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