Dave Mason is feelin’ … pretty good

There aren’t many artists of Dave Mason’s vintage who can escape being defined by their past, and for most them — rockers who came...

Who the hell is Tyler Bates?

It’s around one in the morning in Kiev, Ukraine, and Tyler Bates is just settling into his hotel room. It’s the first day of...

Burning houses, debauchery and acid

It approaches the realm of impossibility to describe the sound that emanates from the band The Growlers. The amalgamation of genres sounds as though it shouldn’t exist: a combination of mellow reverb-filled surf rock, garage band guitar, country-folk and gypsy ...

Never for money, always for love

By its second anniversary, back in 1994, the Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery already needed a bigger space for its birthday bash — the...

The Smashing Pumpkins front man confronts reality

Less than two minutes into our conversation, Billy Corgan asks me to hang on. I hear a muffled and brief interaction he’s having with...

No more Mr. Nice Guy

It’s midday on a chilly Wednesday, in a month of Mondays, and Clay Rose is doing some press in between bites of lunch. Through...

The final stage

He was a whirlwind on stage. A larger-than-life mandolin dervish enticing huge audiences to join him on a wild ride, and a songwriter who...

The universe keeps smiling

It’s hardly an exaggeration to say that in his 75 years on this mortal coil, Graham Nash has lived the equivalent of multiple lifetimes....

Which house for witch house?

What do you get when you have a downtown warehouse with little city enforcement and a group of tenants whose primary addiction is art? You get Rhinoceropolis, a Denver D.I.Y. art establishment and anarchist commune that has been the city’s most fertile breeding ...

David Crosby’s cliff dive

David Crosby loves science fiction novels. Yes, that David Crosby. The mustachioed troubadour; the man who almost cut his hair; the shadow captain himself;...

The million-dollar question

For Craig Ferguson, the million-dollar question isn’t when live music gatherings will happen this year. “The real question for everybody paying attention ... is whether...

Leftover’s legacy

How Boulder birthed the band that launched a thousand bluegrass jams