Dada Def Poems


What is a Nihilist

An ink blot and a reminder levied on ships that anchor in a port.

A trial condemning
the leader of a dramatic chorus.

It is a word that once meant the mouth of rivers where the mainstream splits up, under the glare of a full moon while mysteriously vanishing.

What is a Hero

A Soviet nuclear-powered ballistic submarine, an oral drug for the forest, and evolutionary debt.

It’s an object that makes possibilities for consciousness to choose.
The less common name for a centering point, the orbit of a heavenly body intersecting a given plane, and self-congratulatory logic.

It‘s the specimen, synthesized, bringing something to life
to see again.

What is Religion

To stiffen with starch, and then make clear by clapping the hands.

It’s a levee or sea wall, the wall of a blood cell.

It is the day wearing on and having less and less to talk about while three molecules of a monobasic acid, shaped like or having a tube, display an expression of surprise.

Donnie Hollingsworth has lived in many small Rocky Mountain towns, and currently resides in La Junta, Colorado, with his cat and wife.