‘Chuck’ fans hit the street to get more people to tune in

LOS ANGELES — Have you been approached by a mob of people with video cameras, laptops and footage from NBC’s “Chuck”?

If you live in San Diego, Seattle, Chicago or Philadelphia,
don’t worry. Those folks are just loyal “Chuck” fans who want to lure
you into watching the show. Don’t live in those cities? You might want
to call the cops.

With the fate of the beleaguered action-comedy
series still unknown, “Chuck” enthusiasts hit the streets Monday to
rally support. Dressed in the show’s Buy More clothing (short-sleeve
button-down shirts, name tags, ties, et al), the Chuck-sters are
roaming high foot-traffic areas equipped with footage from the show in
an attempt to encourage potential viewers to tune in.

It’s not the first time fans of the series, now in its third season, have taken action.

Last year’s “Finale and a Footlong” campaign made
headlines when fans put their support where their mouth is by buying
sandwiches from “Chuck” sponsor Subway. This time around, the fans are making their pleas to TV viewers.

The idea came from fan site chucktv.net and is Phase
2 of its “Chuck: Declassified” mission. Phase 1 consisted of fans
creating ads promoting the show in local classifieds such as
craigslist, Facebook and free periodicals.

Those who don’t live in the participating cities are
using their thumbs to show their dedication. Fans planned to tweet
messages of support on Twitter between noon and 1 p.m. (in their local time zone).

Will their efforts save the world, er, “Chuck” from doom?

To be continued.


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