Try this week: Suckling pig with farro, and more


Suckling Pig with Farro
Black Cat market stand, Boulder Farmers Market, 13th St.,

If you’re waiting for an occasion to visit Black Cat or Bramble & Hare, you can bide your time and still taste Chef Eric Skokan’s farm-fresh creations via his tent at the Boulder Farmers Market. Their seasonal menu includes only a few rotating items, but chances are, on any given day, they’re all worth taking the dive. One example is the arrangement of unbelievably tender suckling pig, a chocolate barbecue sauce, herbed faro and fresh early season greens. It’s righteously served plainly, letting each element shine on its own. The faro, in particular, is spectacular; it tastes like a field of clovers and its chewiness is just fun. $10.

Midnight Chocolate Gelato
Fior di Latte, 1021 Pearl St. and 1433 Pearl St., Boulder,

Gelato is one of life’s simple pleasures. On a warm day, a bite into silky, cool gelato transports you to the streets of Florence, where, OK, it may still be hot, but at least you’re in Italy. Fior di Latte turns the gelato game on its head by offering a selection of vegan, dairy-free gelato (in addition to its milk-based offerings). And, it comes in flavors that people actually like — like the midnight chocolate. It’s as dark as it sounds, with enough counteracting lightness in texture and sweetness in the body to make it as pleasant as eating gelato can be. Which is pretty pleasant. $4.45.

Island Tacos
Street Frites food truck, Mobile, Boulder County,

Don’t let the name fool you: the Street Frites food truck can and does make a lot of great non-potato-based food. Take its remarkable fish tacos. Chunky, moist and blackened wild-caught mahi mahi is laid atop smashed avocado, mango slaw, adobo pepper sauce and cilantro. The fish’s sweetness is drawn out by the fruity mango slaw and tart pepper sauce. The texture of each bite is balanced between crunchy slaw, buttery fish and creamy avocado. $12.

Steak Quesadilla
Illegal Pete’s, 1124 13th St. and 1447 Pearl St., Boulder,

Illegal Pete’s clearly strikes a chord in Boulder with its low-key, local, fast-casual shop of burritos, tacos, bowls and more. And why wouldn’t it? Cold beer, hot food, laid-back vibes… it’s Boulder County in a nutshell. If you’ve only been going for the esteemed burritos, check out what it does with the quesadilla. Thick tortilla is crisped to a cracker and jam-packed with a choice of protein or veggie, and cheese. The grilled steak is tender and robust, and makes for a substantial bite. $7.99.

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