Try this week: Ricotta gnocchi, mapo tofu, and more


Ricotta Gnocchi with Mushroom Pesto
Monzu food truck, Mobile, Boulder County, 970-823-3836

So, apparently food trucks can do anything now. We thought it would be impossible for Monzu to pull off decent gnocchi out of its truck, but good gravy is it delicious. The gnocchi — made by combining ricotta cheese, flour, eggs and salt, kneading it, and boiling it — is chewy and light, like a very tiny Tempur-Pedic pillow smothered in delicious, creamy sauce. The sauce is packed with mushrooms, and the pesto piled on top is bright and herbaceous. Shaved Parmesan cheese completes the dish. $11.

Farmer’s Eggs
Dot’s Diner on The Hill, 1333 Broadway, Boulder,

Dot’s Diner is a gem, and we love going to the University Hill location situated in the back corner of the shopping center on Broadway and University. Its classic diner fare, served up over the counter if you choose, or in comfy booths if you prefer, is oh so comforting. We chose breakfast for lunch, ordering the Farmer’s eggs: two scrambled eggs with ham, onions, bell peppers and cheddar cheese. The concoction was mixed perfectly; every bite had a little bit of all of the ingredients. The hashbrowns were delightfully crispy and peppery, adding just a bit of spark. But the real showstopper was the large buttermilk biscuit, not complete without a squeeze of raspberry jam on each and every bite. $9.

Mapo Tofu Rice Bowl
My Ramen & Izakaya, 3280 28th St., Unit 2, Boulder, myramen

The mapo tofu rice bowl at My Ramen & Izakaya is an exercise in balance. The soft tofu is silky, like an egg over easy. The shitake mushroom, white onion and diced carrot base is earthy and rich in umami. And the bright chile bean paste provides a layer of heat and occasional pops of brightness. $11.

Spicy Stallone
The Stone Lotus food truck, Mobile, Boulder County,

The Spicy Stallone from The Stone Lotus food truck is like a mash-up of an Italian sandwich and a sausage and peppers sandwich. Either way, it harkens back to the great Italian meat sandwiches of the East Coast, and we assume the sandwich got its name because Sylvester Stallone is the greatest meat sandwich of all the meat sandwiches on the East Coast. House-spiced, zesty pork sausage is packed into a chewy hoagie roll with onions, peppers, pickled jardinière, smoked provolone and marinara sauce. It’s packs a spicy punch — that actually might be where the sandwich got its name — and the textures and flavors meld into irresistible bites. $9.75.