Try this week: La Tigella, Mon Cherie Bistro, and more

Four courses to try in Boulder County this week


Lardo Tigella

La Tigella at Rosetta Hall, 1109 Walnut St., Boulder, rosettahall

The tigella is a unique sandwich created and celebrated in Bologna, Italy. Chef Alberto Sabbadini has brought this hand-sized delight to Boulder at his Rosetta Hall stall. The tigella is composed of split, crispy bread, which is stuffed with any number of fillings — Sabbadini offers mortadella with radicchio and aged balsamic; fresh fruit and hazelnut spread; and one we particularly enjoyed, a tigella stuffed with lardo (cured pig fatback) paste, rosemary, garlic and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. It’s delightfully fatty, without becoming unctuous, and the clever additions of rosemary, garlic and piquant cheese balance each bite. Pickled root vegetables and spicy chili oil also help cut through the fat. Though the tigella is literally the name of the game, we recommend bringing an appetite for Sabbadini’s porchetta plate, pizzas and/or pasta Bolognese. Tigellas are are $9 for two.  

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Mon Cherie Bistro and Bakery, 211 N. Public Road, Suite 110, Lafayette,

There’s nothing like sitting in a little bistro on your own, book to keep you company, warm coffee in your hand. We stopped by Mon Cherie Bistro and Bakery recently to do just that, and while we were tempted by the selection of fresh baked goods, we couldn’t resist the savory chicken salad sandwich. Tender chunks of white meat are mixed with the traditional combination of mayo, celery and white onions, but dried cranberries and sage give this classic a slightly sweet and delicately earthy flavor. Mon Cherie serves a hefty portion between a flaky, buttery croissant, with a side of crispy sweet potato tots in our case (fries or coleslaw are options as well). There’s nothing like enjoying a classic dish with a gentle twist. $11.

Hammond’s Peppermint Ice Cream

Sweet Cow Ice Cream, Multiple locations,

Hammond’s Candy is a Colorado original and a holiday staple. Their candy canes are the stuff of legend: Sweet without being sugary, hard without being brittle. ’Round this time of year, you’ll find them just about everywhere: sweets shops, grocery stores and, magnificently, Sweet Cow Ice Cream. They have over 20 flavors to choose from, but ’tis the season for Hammond’s Peppermint Stick and Hammond’s Peppermint Bark. The former wraps creamy, luscious vanilla around flecks of Hammond’s potent peppermint, while the latter incorporates chocolate chunks. One is enough to brighten your day; together, they’ll make your week. Gobble them down in one of Sweet Cow’s oversized waffle cones, and the world shines a little brighter. $3.25 per scoop, $0.95 for the cone.

Cranberry Blackcurrant Sour

Sanitas Brewing Co., 3550 Frontier Ave., Unit A, Boulder,

Get it while it lasts: Sanitas’ Cranberry Blackcurrant Sour, which launched in October, is an excellent change-of-pace holiday brew. Cranberries and black currants complement one another — it’s a juicy, tart and sweet brew — while a crisp body keeps the sips light. Sanitas’ Cherry Saison is another fruit-forward seasonal brew to keep an eye on. Prices vary.