Support the Skokans

Local community rallies to support beloved Boulder family


Eric and Jill Skokan’s Black Cat team was preparing a dinner for guests on their farm and dining space north of Boulder on July 24 when life for the beloved local family changed forever.

Two of Eric and Jill’s sons had just pulled out of the property in their car when a dump truck crashed into them, and then into the family’s house. Their 17-year-old son, Kelsey, was killed; his brother suffered serious injuries. Their home was wrecked.

It’s hard to reason why bad things happen to good people — and the Skokans are good people. Really good people. They have fed us, welcomed us into their dining spaces and on their farm. They’ve pushed the conversation on sustainable agriculture forward. And they’ve been exceptional ambassadors of not only the local food scene but of our Boulder County community. 

On a personal note, Eric and Jill have been great friends to Boulder Weekly, always opening up their spaces for our writers and photographers, generously sharing their knowledge and time with us, even as they worked tirelessly to build their business into the local institution it is today.

Of course, many people feel that way about the Skokans — that their connection with them is personal. Which is why the community is rallying to support this family.

A fundraiser has already eclipsed $220,000 in donations (as of July 29) to help the family rebuild their home and meet other financial needs. The Colorado Chautauqua has donated the use of a large cottage to house the extended Skokan family so they can grieve together. Local chefs have cooked meals for the family. Community members have been calling and emailing with offers to pick crops, foster lambs that need to be bottle-fed, mend fence lines and work shifts at the farm stand and the Farmers Market. 

You can help, too. Donate at the link above, visit the farm stand on Jay Road, stop by their booth at the Farmers Market, and just keep these good folks, and Kelsey, in your thoughts for a while.  

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