Knuckle Puck Brewing

Tanner and Cas Gifford

Located just east of I-25 and State Highway 66, in the murky region that is sometimes Longmont, sometimes Mead, Knuckle Puck Brewing brings kombucha and beer to the local brewing scene.

Cas and Tanner Gifford started Knuckle Puck three years ago as a small kombucha start-up. Production was a barrel and a quarter a week, brewed at commissary kitchens, with canning and distributing to a few local grocery stores.

But, as Cas explains, “We can’t stay in stock.” Expanding is the only way to make the business economically feasible.

When the Knuckle Puck taproom opens this month, the Giffords will have a six-barrel system for kombucha and a three-barrel system for beer, and Tanner aims for one brew a week. The kombucha, which Cas assures is “health-oriented” with no additional sugars, will be the workhorse: Five varieties in cans and four seasonals on tap. But since it’s hard to drive visits with a kombucha-only taproom, Tanner will brew a couple of beers as well.

“Clean, easy drinking-style beers,” he says. Cream ales and wheats, both of which can be used for kombucha radlers.

And it’ll be a nice place to drink: Light and airy with seating at the bar, tables by the tanks and a patio. They’re planning on an Oct. 10 soft opening with a grand opening on Oct. 25.

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