Election Guide 2013: Yes on Lafayette Ballot Issue 301


City of Lafayette Ballot Issue No. 301
Utility occupation tax

Vote Yes

No. 301 would amend Lafayette’s City Home Rule Charter to allow for the
collection of a $720,000-per-year tax on public utility companies as an
alternative to the city’s current 3 percent franchise fee. Should it
pass, this proposed Utility Occupation Tax (UOT) would only go into
effect if the franchise fee (see Lafayette Question 2A) is no longer
being collected.

If the majority of Lafayette residents vote no on Lafayette question
2A, which would renew the Xcel franchise fee for an additional 20 years,
then the UTC would take its place provided Issue No. 301 passes.

$720K generated by the UTC would be earmarked for sustainable energy
practices, including projects that reduce energy consumption,
energy-related projects, renewable energy and prevention of climate

should be aware that Issue No. 301 is to be considered in conjunction
with ballot Question 2A. Read our information on Question 2A to better
understand this direct connection.

Because we believe that
Lafayette’s desire to become a more sustainable community by freeing
itself from long-term dirty energy sources will be rewarded with a
corresponding increase in economic vitality, we endorse a yes vote on

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