Election Guide 2013: Longmont City Council At Large


Longmont City Council At Large
(Vote for two)
Names appear as they do on the example ballot. Endorsements appear in bold.

Alex Sammoury
Gabe Santos
Polly Christensen
Ron Gallegos
Trisa Baxter

to be honest, we can rule out incumbents Gabe Santos and Alex Sammoury
from the start, given that they are regularly on the wrong side of
issues we care about, like their very reluctant support of the fracking
regulations approved by city council in summer 2012. Sammoury, who has
acknowledged getting pressure from the oil and gas industry, seems to
favor companies’ rights to frack, and Santos said he disagreed with the
vast majority of the regulations before voting in favor of them. In
addition, Santos failed to respond to our election questionnaire. We are
left with Polly Christensen, Ron Gallegos and Trisa Baxter.
Christensen is a no-brainer; she has a reputation for being a solidly
progressive and competent community volunteer, and has served as an
election judge for 20 years as well as a precinct leader for 12. The
choice between Gallegos and Baxter was a tough one, but we have to lean
toward Baxter. Gallegos served on council in the 1990s, and we need
new blood.

View all of Boulder Weekly’s endorsements here.

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