Election Guide 2013 Intro: Serving the voters of Boulder County is our privilege


Producing Boulder Weekly’s annual vote guide is an enlightening experience for all of us who work on this special edition.

For months we do research on issues, questions and measures that will eventually be on the ballots of Boulder County residents.

when the time finally comes for that quarter of a million or so ballots
to be mailed out, we finally have the privilege of offering our
analysis and endorsements to the public.

use the word “privilege” because it is the most accurate description
for what we feel during this long research process. It is the result of
both taking what we do very seriously and the humbling realization that
our analysis and endorsements will make a difference in the outcomes of
things as important as who will be our elected representatives and what
issues will pass or fail.

never cease to marvel every year come November, as this peaceful
transfer of power takes place in towns and cities all across the nation.

also have the privilege of getting to know the candidates and the
people behind the organizations that either support or oppose various
ballot initiatives. While we obviously don’t agree with or endorse all
of these folks, we honestly admire each and every one of them and salute
their willingness to serve the public.

So here it is, Boulder Weekly’s analysis
and endorsements of every issue and candidate in the county. We hope
you find it useful and we thank all of our readers for the privilege of
serving them in such an important manner.

Please take the time to vote.

See our full vote section here.

Joel Dyer
Boulder Weekly

View all of Boulder Weekly’s endorsements here.

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