Election Guide 2013: Case for Estes Park School Director at Large


UPDATE: Boulder Weekly has withdrawn its endorsement for candidate Christie Adams in the Estes Park School District R-3: School Director at Large race.

BW received
an anonymous tip in the form of an online comment on our endorsements
stating that Adams did not have a Ph.D., as had been claimed.
BW contacted
Adams twice asking her to simply tell us which school had issued her
Ph.D. so that we could remove the anonymous post if it was inaccurate.
Adams refused to tell
BW where she had earned her Ph.D. We
informed her that we would have no choice but to withdraw our
endorsement if she couldn’t provide us with the name of the university
that issued her Ph.D. She still refused to answer and hung up on us.

Estes Park School District R-3: School Director at Large
(vote for two)
Names appear as they do on the example ballot. Endorsements appear in bold.

Brian Brown
Tony Gittings
Kristine L. Poppitz
Laura Case
Christie Adams

school district positions, we often lean toward current and former
educators, in the hopes that their insights into classrooms provide
solid guidance for the district as a whole, so Christie Adams, who holds
multiple teaching degrees, including a Ph.D. in bilingual education,
is a standout candidate for the Estes Park School Board.
Two seats are
open on the five-member board, and for the second seat, we endorse
former teacher Laura Case, who told the Estes Park Trail Gazette she’s hoping to bring an educator’s point of view — and a parent’s perspective — to the board.

View all of Boulder Weekly’s endorsements here.

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