Town of Erie Ballot Issue 2A: Yes on Police and Courts Building


Town of Erie Ballot Issue No. 2A

Mill levy increase to build police station, courthouse



We remember when Erie had four cops,
and most people in the once-tiny coal-mining town thought that was
three cops too many. But thanks to the growth, growth and more growth
leadership of legendary town administrator Leon Wurl, that’s no longer
the case. Erie now has 21 law enforcement officers and a bunch of other
administration folks practically sitting on top of each other in the old
town hall building. While we long for the days of the old Erie with
dirt streets, we must acknowledge that times have changed and the town’s
population has multiplied many times over.

really does need the new $6.2 million police and courts building it
wants to build at the corner of Telleen Avenue and County Line Road, and
the proposed mill levy will only increase property taxes a couple of
dollars a month per home. So vote yes on the town of Erie’s Ballot Issue 2A.


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