County Commissioner District 1: Elise Jones (D)


County Commissioner

District 1

Elise Jones

Shane Hampton

Shane. How little we knew ye. You are the Libertarian, we invited you
in for an interview, and you proved that you were simply an earnest
college student who had initially been recruited by the third party to
run for the state House before Libertarian officials realized you were
too young to meet the minimum requirements. Still, we enjoyed hearing
about your backup plan of hitting the Alaskan fishing boat circuit if
you weren’t elected, and your stories of rallying college buddies to
wave signs and pool campus copier credits for printing fliers.

in the end, we’re afraid we have to go with the seasoned environmental
activist, Democrat Elise Jones, who seems to have gotten the
endorsement of every single politician in the Rocky Mountain region and
is not just incredibly sharp, but is thoughtful and politically savvy.