Colorado state representative District 33: Dianne Primavera (D)


State Representative

District 33

David J. Pigott

Dianne Primavera

W. Earl Allen

David Pigott, a Republican, did not reply to our requests to get to
know him better, he has a fine website that all should view if they want
to learn more. In his video, he comes across as a young, earnest,
honest, God-fearing military veteran who has performed community service
in Third World countries where children need saving. A true American
hero who even eschews, to his credit, being your typical politician.
But Broomfield resident Dianne Primavera, the Democratic candidate,
seems to have a bit more experience, having served as a state
legislator in this seat before. Not only has she chaired the
Legislative Audit Committee, she has served on boards dealing with
issues like health/ human services and crime victim compensation. As
for Libertarian Earl Allen, not surprisingly, he is all about reducing
big government and its burdensome taxes.


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