Thompson School District breakdown

Vote 2009


District B

Incumbent Dennis Breitbarth, 64, says that being on the board for four years allows him to understand the role of a school board member. He was a board member that approved many options: IB classes, Loveland Integrated Arts School and Core Knowledge. He wants to see these programs flourish. Breitbarth says he wants more effective instruction and to improve the achievement gap among students. He is the former president of United Way, board member of Larimer County Coalition Board and member of Mckee Medical Foundation Board. He is running unopposed.

District D

Incumbent Leslie Young, 53, was appointed to fill a vacancy and is running because she believes in the educational process. Young says that the key issues are providing more learning opportunities with less funding and maintaining balanced learning opportunities for those who are college bound and those who will work in trades. Young says another issue is closing the gap between high performers and those who are struggling.

Young taught on a Navajo reservation, was a School Resource Officer. She is running unopposed.

District E

Vote for Diana Greer.

Diana Greer, 58, has 24 years of experience volunteering in Loveland schools and was president of two PTOs. Greer served eight years on the district accountability committee and a few years on Bill Reed Middle School and Thompson Valley High School accountability committees. Greer says that the district needs strong leadership from a person who isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions and make difficult choices. Greer says the key issues are funding, unacceptable graduation rates, drop-out rates, more challenge for talented students, migration of families to private schools, accountability of administrators and the promotion of family involvement.

Lori Hvizda Ward, 50, was on the Talent Development Services Advisory Council, Garfield Elementary and Bill Reed Middle School accountability committees. Ward also was a Garfield volunteer coordinator, classroom volunteer, spelling bee coach and PTO member. Ward was two-term president on Loveland Preschool’s Board of Directors. Ward says key issues are stretching money while not cutting quality education and looking for creative ways to bring more money into the district. Ward opposes the opening of a new elementary school. She says that the building should be finished but not opened in the next year so economic growth trends can be assessed. She opposes closing any existing elementary schools.

Sharon Olson did not respond to Boulder Weekly’s request for information.

Lori Hvizda Ward is a well-rounded candidate with plenty of experience on committees and within the classroom, but Diana Greer has wide-ranging experience and addresses the key issues within the district. Vote for Diana Greer for Thompson School District E.

District F

Leonard Sherman did not respond to Boulder Weekly’s request for information. He is running unopposed.


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