Park School District breakdown

Vote 2009


Vote for John Baudek and Todd Jirsa.

There are two seats to fill in Park School District.

Tony Paglia, 52, was appointed to Park School District’s board two months ago to take over Becky Johnson’s position and wants to continue to serve for the school district. Paglia served as administrator for 30 years. Paglia says he’s running for office because he’s retired and misses being involved with the schools. Paglia says the school district is in good shape and he doesn’t see the need for any changes in the next few years.

Incumbent Todd Jirsa, 48, is currently the president of the Board of Education and has been a Park School District Board member for six years. He was treasurer of Centennial Board of Cooperative Educational Services for two years, Park School District Accountability member for two years, Park School District Elementary accountability chairman for two years, and on the district’s finance committee for two years. Jirsa says that key issues are declining enrollment, erosion of school funding from the state and stagnating achievement scores. Jirsa brings 23 years of business experience and six years of school board experience to the race.

John Baudek, 67, says that the state’s financial situation creates obstacles for the school district and that he will be able to assist the district during these difficult times by working with administrators, teachers, staff, parents and students in the community to find viable solutions. He has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in public administration and has served for four years as a Town of Estes Park as a trustee.

Although Paglia has 30 years of experience in Park School District, both Jirsa and Baudek see key issues that need to be addressed within the district, those being financial challenges, enrollment and poor test scores. Vote for Todd Jirsa and John Baudek for Park School District.