Lafayette City Council breakdown

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Vote Alex Schatz, Carolyn Cutler, Chris Cameron and Brian Herzfeld for Lafayette City Council.

Incumbent Alex Schatz, 38, is a landscape architect and attorney finishing up the final year of his first two-year term. He thinks the city should focus on fixing budget problems, urban renewal and development, and public safety. He says, if elected to a second term, “I will continue the push for sustainable budgeting.”

He emphasizes that he strives to listen to every side of an issue and make objective decisions. His experience includes not only a City Council term but serving on several city boards and commissions, including the Planning Commission, the Zoning Board of Adjustment and the Open Space Advisory Committee.

Carole Mock did not respond to Boulder Weekly inquiries by deadline.

Carolyn Cutler, 58, taught in Lafayette schools for more than 20 years before retiring Sept. 1. In Cutler’s opinion, Lafayette needs to focus on pumping more money into the city’s general fund and ensure that the city has enough money to continue providing vital municipal services. Already a City Council member and seeking a second term, Cutler is a strong advocate of public service and believes that while the city has faced many challenges, the city has also seen success. Having lived in Lafayette for 25 years, Cutler has a local’s perspective and wishes to continue serving the city as a member of the City Council.

Current Lafayette Mayor Chris Cameron, 42, is seeking a second term, and she says that although the town has accomplished much during her tenure over the past four years, there is still much work to do. She thinks the challenges still facing Lafayette include being able to provide a high standard of living for residents during the down economy, reinvigorating unused commercial areas around town, and being able to meet the needs of Lafayette’s diverse population. Cameron points out that during her term, she has overseen the expansion of fire service, the renewal of the boathouse and Festival Plaza, and the creation of civic engagement opportunities, especially for youths and Latinos.

Brian D. Herzfeld, 45, is a long-time community volunteer and PTA member. He ran for City Council in 2007.

Herzfeld believes Lafayette needs new economic leadership that reflects the attitudes and beliefs of the townspeople. He wants to maintain and encourage a small-town feel and promote local businesses while discouraging corporations from setting up shop in the city.

One thing Herzfeld notes is that Lafayette is spending more than $1 million a year on interest alone paying off the city’s debts. The city will have to plan very carefully to bring itself out of debt, and the newcomer Herzfeld believes he will bring new ideas to the City Council and help the city climb out of debt.

Kristin Richeimer, 35, is a political newcomer and works as the director of membership relations for USA Rugby, a non-profit overseeing rugby events. She believes Lafayette needs to focus on economic development, embracing a diverse and inclusive community, and increasing citizen involvement. She says she is not afraid to speak her mind and will never compromise what is right for what is easy. In the course of her job, she manages 85,000 members and the organization’s $2.7 million budget, and she believes her work experience will transfer well into the public sector as a member of the City Council.

The owner of Bliss Events of Colorado, a Lafayette small business, Stacia Lupberger, 38, believes promoting business growth is vital to Lafayette’s future ability to continue the city’s ongoing revitalization efforts. Lupberger’s core philosophy of getting involved drove her to run for a seat on the City Council, where she can take an active role in solving the community’s problems and not just sit back and “allow others to do all of the ‘fixing.'” If elected, Lupberger will make efforts to attract more small businesses to Lafayette, especially to the area around the South Boulder Road and South Public Road intersection.

Schatz, Cutler and Cameron are a winning team, and we’d like to see each of them given another term. Their dedication and the time they’ve put in on city issues are worthy of respect. Cutler’s lifetime of public service, first to children and now to the city, is worthy of special note. We think Herzfeld ought to join these three incumbents. As a stay-athome dad, he’ll bring a fresh perspective to City Council and a lot of new ideas, ensuring that the council doesn’t become static or complacent. Vote Alex Schatz, Carolyn Cutler, Chris Cameron and Brian Herzfeld for Lafayette City Council.

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