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Holidays usually remind people of the magic of childhood. And if those memories aren’t enough, why not revisit those good times with your wardrobe? Onesies are like one giant, cozy body sock with a zipper down the middle. (Or if you want to get classy, you can call them adultfooted pajamas.)

Available at most department stores, you can buy one to fit your fancy, be it Minions, zebras, Superman, or Christmas-themed. Get one for each family member and prepare for some loving, not awkward, family photos.


Picking up a candle is always a go-to last minute gift idea, but if you want to be a little more personal, get your loved one the Burning Wick Candles Natural Soy Scented Candle Making Kit. This way they won’t be stuck with a scent they can’t stand, and they’ll get the added bonus of DIY candle making, which can provide hours of good times. So take a look at that Christmas list and ask yourself which one of your family members deserves some therapeutic crafting followed by fun times lit by their own personalized candle.


Sick and tired of making regular, old round, boring pancakes for breakfast? Are you over the mess your kids make with measuring cups and mixing bowls, trying to help you with the morning meal? What about the clean-up of counters and stovetops when it comes to spilt batter? This handydandy, all-in-one, pancake mixer is the way to go for any breakfast enthusiast. The measuring lines allow you to mix your favorite pancake recipe all in the bottle. The easy flow cap allows you to squirt the batter directly onto the pan, without the mess and, as the name insinuates, kids and adults alike can draw their pancakes into whatever shape they like. Plus, the bottom twists off for easy access and cleaning.

STANCE SOCKS ($10-$25) 

“One can never have enough socks,” said Dumbledore. “Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn’t get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.”

Well Dumbledore, we agree. Everyone needs socks. Especially if they are creatively designed. Collaborating with Rihanna, Star Wars, the NBA and more, Stance socks are both functional and thoughtful. They have personality. They have pizzazz. They will make you laugh. And who knows, they may even make you cry. They’re warm for the winter, fun for the kids and just plain cool. Socks, we say. Socks.


“It’s Crunch Time!” Simply put your favorite, or not so favorite hardshelled snack between Hillary’s stainless steel thighs, squeeze and voila, your nuts are cracked. This collector’s item will be sure to illicit gasps and gaffs. Not sure we can say it better than the creators: “IT’S HER ALRIGHT! Get a grip on one of the world’s most recognized, most controversial women. You’ll feel the power in your hand. … You can depend on the Hillary Nutcracker to be the life of any party. In other words, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.” The idea sells itself.


As we move deeper and deeper into the digital age, it’s about time fashion caught up. With these winter, unisex gloves from Agloves, all your digital needs can be done with warm hands. No longer do you have to have frigid fingers all in the name of texting. Made with real silver woven into the fingertips, these gloves are known for accuracy and precision. Say goodbye to embarrassing auto-correct mishaps and say hello to comfy and cozy fingers.

SPICE KIT ($26) 

We all eat and we should all cook.

That’s why if you’re stuck looking for a last minute gift idea that won’t break the bank, try putting together a collection of spices on your own or just buy a finished product like this Mobile Foodie Survival Kit. This set comes loaded with herbs and spices that are sure to prove useful to anyone. This spice kit is available at


Now this is using your head. This is a great and inexpensive gift idea that does two good things at once. First, it supports your local used bookstore. And second, it will absolutely delight the person you are gifting. It’s not like coffee table books get worn out. You can buy them in still near-perfect condition if you look around. So whether it’s art, travel, photography or a particular subject of almost any kind, this is a gift that you can truly personalize for the lucky person you’re giving it to.


Know someone who has major anger issues that is also a fan of cutesy notebooks? Here’s the perfect gift for that person: the People I Want To Punch In The Face notebook. Made of black buckrum binding, with beautiful cream-colroed paper and gold foil stamping, this pocket-sized notebook is ideal for the person who has up to 140 people in their life who they want to punch in the face. You know how they say when you’re mad you should write a letter and put it in your drawer? Well, this is like that time-tested exercise multiplied by ’roid rage. Only $10 from 27th Street Press on Etsy, and it comes in other titles like “Co-Workers I Want To Punch In The Face” and “Men I Want To Punch In The Face.”


Olive oil is nature’s greatest gift to humankind, ranking slightly above oxygen, water and the actor who played Family Matters patriarch Carl Winslow, Reginald VelJohnson. Lucky for us in Boulder County, Oliverdé offers an Oil of the Month club as a gift. A unique and delicious oil is shipped to your giftee’s house every month, and you can throw in a paired vinegar if you want, too. Memberships start at $105 for three months, but can be extended to a year or more if you can’t get enough olive oil in your life.

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