Portable Power from Brunton



Oddly, in Boulder, you see more social media updates from outdoors than indoors. FB posts from Fourteeners? Check. Tweets from Bandit Mountain bike trails? Affirmative. Blogs from the backcountry? You know it.

But how to power up without a wall socket in sight? That’s where Brunton’s portable power solutions come in. For 2011, Brunton offers a two-pronged approach to keeping you alive and wired when far afield. For the greenie in all of us, there is the foldable Solaris solar panel. You have a choice between the two- or four-panel versions, and the CIGS rugged, thin-fill construction can take all the dirty abuse you can dish. The USB compatibility means you can plug the panels directly into your device, so you download the latest teeth-whitening app, or whatever, in real-time al fresco.

Alternately, a new trend in portable power is the brick-style battery that takes a charge from an outlet, car socket or directly from the Solaris panels and conveniently stores the energy till you need it. Brunton’s Inspire model does just this, and the rubberized shell, lithium construction, water resistance and power gauge round out the quality feature set. Check out www.bruntonoutdoor.com for details and models.

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