Pick a good jogging stroller


At first, it seems an unusual activity: a mother or father pushing a child in a stroller, and jogging behind it at a steady pace.

But post-parenthood, many adults realize looking after a baby can cut into regular exercise routines. So some combine parenting with outdoor time by using jogging strollers.

Jogging strollers offer a sturdier option than traditional ones, allowing parents to run while pushing it in comfort.

As with conventional strollers, jogging strollers come in a variety of models with different weight requirements and wheel sizes. In addition, parents should wait until a child is 6 to 8 weeks old before using a jogging stroller.

What key features should parents consider when deciding on a jogging stroller? Here are a few:

—Safety: Strollers come equipped with a hand break and parking lock. A baby should have good support with a secure harness inside a jogging stroller and be dressed appropriately for the weather conditions and protected from the sun.

—Convenience: Quick-release wheels and a folding design allow for easy storage or transporting in a car. Look for cargo baskets and pockets for storing extra gear.

—Weatherproofing: Most strollers feature a retractable sun canopy.

—Shock Absorption: Generally speaking, strollers with larger wheels, such as 20-inch wheels, will provide a smoother ride. Some models also come with an adjustable rear shock for extra cushioning.


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