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Planning your next outdoors adventure? Try going to a new website,, devoted to helping you stay safe in any outdoors situation.

“Off Grid Survival’s main purpose is to provide you with the knowledge you need to survive in any situation,” a message by the site’s creator, Rob, states. “We review a lot of cool gear, but the best thing you can have in a survival situation is knowledge.”

The site is home to a large archive of gear reviews that aim to provide you with the best possible equipment to safely enjoy the outdoors and prepare for the worst. From alternative energy and sustainable living to hiking and backpacking to fish hunting and trapping, Off Grid Survival is there to help.

Also check out the items to include in your “Bug Out Bags,” which the site notes should hold essentially everything you need to survive in the outdoors. Necessary items include: an extensive first aid kit that can assist multiple individuals, a solar-powered radio with built-in flashlight and cell phone charger, signal devices and extra supplies of your daily vitamins and medications, just in case.

Off Grid Survival also alerts site visitors on how to avoid a mountain lion attack, multiple ways to start a fire without a lighter and tips to prevent heat exhaustion.

For more information on surviving in the outdoors, visit

Via McClatchy-Tribune News Service.

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