Gear: The Slicer


Boulder Weekly’s editorial team did some in-depth product testing last Friday. On our lunch break, we took out the Slicer all-season sled for an adventure at Scott Carpenter Park.
The Slicer is sold by Broomfield-based company Ice Meister and can be used on grass and snow. The B-Dub editorial team tried the sled on grass and snow and videotaped the play date (view it at

For sledding on grass, the Slicer comes with two Icers — oversized ice trays that you attach to the bottom of the sled. You must run warm water over the Icers to defrost them before attaching them to the bottom of the sled. Unfortunately, on Friday, weather conditions weren’t ideal for sledding on grass. We tried the ice sled on grass when it was around 45 degrees and sunny, but because it wasn’t warm enough outside our sled didn’t go downhill.

Temperatures above 78 degrees are ideal for using the ice sled on grass, according to Ice Meister. The warmer the temperature, the more slippery the Icers are, causing the sled to travel faster. (Perhaps our editorial team will have another sledding day with the Slicer this summer.) We had better luck after taking the Icers off and sledding on the snow, all shooting downhill, with a few fun wipeouts.

The Slicer carries up to 200 pounds and is $80. A set of extra Icer ice trays is $22. For more information or to order, visit

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