Drone taxidermy 101


Unfortunately, we were unable to find a taxidermist in Deer Trail who could advise us on the subtle nuances and intricacies of properly stuffing and mounting a drone that one has bagged. But common sense tells us that there are two likely ways to mount such a trophy: sideways and head-on. The sideways mount allows visitors to view the full, impressive length and markings of the aircraft, while the head-on mount would be sure to deliver spine-tingling shivers, as it gives the impression that it is flying straight toward your houseguest. We’ve surmised that when it comes to drone taxidermy, much depends on the size of the game; some 10-point drones only weigh about a pound, while the 18-point variety can be upwards of 40,000 pounds. Depending on the preference of the hunter, and the size of his or her house, only the nose of the drone could make a fine addition above the fireplace mantle, whereas keeping a large, full drone in the home could necessitate the use of the better part of a sizeable rec room, or even the backyard, where it could provide hours of enjoyment as a play structure for the kids.



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