A hammock/bug net for the wilds


Sleeping under the stars on a camping trip or lazing around on a summer evening in a hammock under the pines — nothing to bother you. Except. What’s that annoying buzz? It’s the mosquitoes.

Don’t let them ruin your nap. The ENO SingleNest Hammock and the ENO Guardian Bug Net are easy to set up and use, and keep you safely away from the creepy crawlies of the night. The hammock is breathable woven nylon that holds up to use and abuse. The Marinegrade line with stainless-steel snap links securely attach to trees, posts, boat masts and whatever else you can find. The bug net clips on to a ridgeline with just five clips. It is treated with Insect Shield, which also repels bugs.

The hammock has a maximum capacity of 400 pounds and comes with a built-in stuff sack.

The ENO SingleNest Hammock is $54.95. It comes in olive/khaki, red/charcoal, and navy/royal. The ENO Guardian Bug Net is $54.95. Find them at www.eaglesnestoutfittersinc. com or REI.

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