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Oil Boom

Boulder County’s growing risk from trains hauling undeclared explosive materials

By Matt Cortina

The library and the post office. A dozen schools. Hundreds of homes. Parks. Every brewery (oh god). Ten gas stations. The wastewater treatment facility. It can all go up in flames at any minute — and that’s just in Longmont. All you’ll hear is a whistle and a boom.


The cat’s meow

Brothertiger’s smooth take on electronica is far from ferocious

By Josh Gross

In the classic-rock marinated Ohio dorm room where Brothertiger began, five years ago, the smooth electronic sound t wasn’t just coastal; it was downright alien.


There’s no business like brew business

Like artists and musicians everywhere, homebrewers also chase the dream of going pro

By Cody Gabbard

Just like those bands who feel they have mastered their chords and progressions, though, “homebrewers are a dime a dozen,” says Michael Memsic of Sanitas Brewing Company. And despite how good your friends say your award-winning homebrew is, there’s a lot more to it than recipe development.


A house full of women

As Boulder sees an uptick in violence against homeless women, Boulder’s Outreach for Homeless Overflow provides a new women-only shelter

By Caitlin Rockett

Nancy Jordan, a staff member at Boulder’s Outreach for Homeless Overflow, parks her purple mountain bike in front of Flatirons Coffee at the corner of Arapahoe and 29th. She walks in from the oppressive heat of a late afternoon in July, flashes an endearing smile, sits down and fishes three pieces of paper from her backpack.


Are you game?

‘Game Changer’ at BMoCA breaks some rules

By Elizabeth Miller

A basketball in the middle of the floor is a standing invitation — pick me up and give me a toss, it says. Some did. Then they turned toward the basket, took one look and realized that a single shot could shatter the hoop and backboard, formed by a circular fluorescent blue lightbulb and a vintage mirror.


Fracking activists are the Tea Party of the Left?

Denver Post doing its part for the oil and gas industry’s disinformation campaign

By Joel Dyer

I’ve been waiting for the oil and gas industry to make this lame “Ralph Nader” argument to try to scare moderates. I just thought they would wait until mid October to trot it out.


The boy and the buffalo

After chaining himself to a Yellowstone gate to stop bison slaughter, Comfrey Jacobs faces three years without access to the buffalo herds

By Elizabeth Miller

The government’s controversial management activities for buffalo includes hunting; hazing with helicopters, horseback riders and ATVs; and baiting capture facilities with hay then hauling buffalo away for slaughter. Colorado native Comfrey Jacobs had watched, helpless, for months. And then he had enough


Coming of age

‘Boyhood’ is a cinematic existence

By Michael J. Casey

Richard Linklater’s latest work, Boyhood, employs one of the most audacious approaches to storytelling: Linklater and company filmed the actors for a few days every year for 12 years.


Far from tapping out

Olympic hopeful boxer channels thirst for medals to coaching at Boulder’s new boxing gym

By Cayte Bosler

Carrie Barry worked for years to be the first American female boxer at the Olympics. It didnīt happen. Hereīs how she bounced back.

Restaurant Review

Best of the rest

Blooming Beets makes Paleo about what you can eat instead of what you can’t 

By Josh Gross

Blooming Beets is lifestyle eating if anything, no different in principle than the hip pizza joint or the restaurant that serves the same chow for twice the price as the corner diner just by adding a white table cloth.

Danish Plan

Hamas does not give shelter

By Paul Danish

Hamas’ tunnels are not amateur works. A lot of them are 100 feet below the surface, lined with concrete, and equipped with electricity and ventilation systems. How is it then that that there aren’t any civilian bomb shelters in Gaza?