<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Screen]]> <![CDATA[BW BIFF Picks 2013: 'The New Public']]> Brooklyn Community Arts and Media High School (BCAM) starts out with about a hundred students and idealistic optimism on the part of the school’s teachers. The documentary follows a handful of teachers, administrators and students during the school’s first year, then revisits them as the students complete their senior year in high school.]]> <![CDATA[Charming, in a bloody way]]> The next scene launches the viewer three years ahead to a Texas border town. The story changes to Senator McLaughlin (Robert De Niro) running for re-election on a draconian anti-immigration platform. His cynical media manipulation plan includes hiring a Mexican day laborer to hurt, but not kill, him.]]> <![CDATA['The Princess and the Frog' sticks to Disney template]]> As you might guess by the title, "The Princess and the Frog" is a fairly familiar story. And because this animated musical comes from Walt Disney Pictures, you can expect talking-animal sidekicks, a perilous journey, a budding romance and a moral to the tale.]]> <![CDATA[The original crazy drummer]]> A virtuoso on the kit, Baker was an absolute mess of a man, running through and neglecting multiple wives and children as he compulsively tore through life. ]]> <![CDATA[A surreal take on a classic]]> Tolstoy’s classic novel of love and infidelity, Anna Karenina has been brought to stage and screen many times, often with mediocre results due to its complexity.]]> <![CDATA[Ghost stories]]> "I've always been interested in ghosts, the paranormal and understanding the unknown," says Schultz, who graduated from CU in 2004 with a degree in broadcast news. "I've always been interested in independent film and documentaries, too, so I just put the two interests together."]]> <![CDATA[Looking to illuminate: The DocuWest Film Festival]]> Documentary film festivals can be a hard sell. You don’t get the star power that goes with fictional films, the impossibly dramatic moments, or the singularly well-crafted denouement that wraps the whole thing up into one resonant piece. The documentary is all about stories.]]> <![CDATA[This year’s Oscar-nominated shorts are sublime]]> Just as the short story trembles in the footprint of the novel, the short film plays David to feature length film Goliaths. But with the help of shiny, naked bald men, these wee bits of cinematic splendor step from the shadows and sling their short shots.]]> <![CDATA['Extraordinary Measures' is safe, not extraordinary]]> For its big screen debut, start-up studio CBS Films delivers what might, in an earlier age, have been a "disease of the week" TV movie. "Extraordinary Measures" is a sometimes moving, solid if unsurprising account of a father's tireless efforts to use his business acumen to develop a cure for his children's fatal genetic disorder.]]> <![CDATA[A boy’s best friend is his cow]]> Go West, screening Wednesday, July 23 as part of The Chautauqua Silent Film Series, is a magnificent display of Keaton and his acrobatic qualities.]]> <![CDATA[Boulder-produced film up for conservation award]]> Trout Unlimited is proud of its success stories. They’re plastered throughout the conservation group’s website, describing completed restoration projects and habitat preservation efforts across the U.S.]]> <![CDATA[BW BIFF Picks 2013: 'Little World']]> Albert Casals’ version of travel is the equivalent of doing a solo ascent on K2 without oxygen and wearing only your underwear. It’s adventure travel without map or net.]]> <![CDATA[A winning ticket]]> It`s hard out there for a kid from the projects who scores a $370 million lottery payoff, but must wait for the claim office to reopen (infernal federal holiday!). Suddenly he is pursued by “a premature crack-baby felon” straight out of prison and willing — eager, in fact — to kill for the ticket.]]> <![CDATA[Better than nothing]]> When words such as “subversive” and “offbeat” and “unconventional” pepper a commercial American rom-com’s production notes, you know the studio (in this case, Miramax) is already in a sweat regarding how to sell it. The movie comes from the 1996 Jeffrey Eugenides short story “Baster,” originally published in The New Yorker.]]> <![CDATA[BIFF: Just give him a camera]]> With a small camera hanging from a lanyard around his neck, Tom Berninger tagged along on tour with his brother´s band, The National, planning to make a rock documentary. The result is Mistaken for Strangers, named after the group’s 2007 single. Michael Moore calls it “one of the best music documentaries I have ever seen.”]]> <![CDATA[The tin shine of BIFF]]> The 10th festival, taking place Thursday, Feb. 13 through Sunday, Feb. 16, includes almost 60 films, 12 musical acts, dozens of directors and other special guests, six films nominated for Academy Awards, and four films coming directly to BIFF from Sundance.]]> <![CDATA[New era for Boulder's International Film Series]]> When 2013 wraps up, it will mark the last year major Hollywood releases films on 35 mm.]]> <![CDATA['Youth in Revolt' part inspired, part irresponsible]]> "Punk" and "rebel" don't belong in the same sentence with "Michael Cera." But somehow, they connect in the few-holds-barred teen comedy "Youth in Revolt."]]> <![CDATA[scream]]> After years of being told to put your phone away at the movies, the Dutch are changing the norms with the new thriller APP. Phones are a part of the movie experience, and audience members are encouraged to download the app IRIS before the movie to augment the story.]]> <![CDATA['Daybreakers' follows standard vampire flick model]]> In the "Daybreakers" future, the vampires have it all worked out. No longer just nocturnal, they now run the show — day and night.]]>