<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Screen]]> <![CDATA[When death misses]]> There was a scene, lo those many (OK, 11) years ago, in the original Final Destination. One of the characters who inadvertently “cheated death” and ruined “death’s grand design” had holed up in a cabin, which then had to be made accident-proof.]]> <![CDATA[A boy’s best friend is his cow]]> Go West, screening Wednesday, July 23 as part of The Chautauqua Silent Film Series, is a magnificent display of Keaton and his acrobatic qualities.]]> <![CDATA[SeaWorld can suck it]]> Breaking news: You know those giant, majestic, ocean-dwelling creatures with the first name “killer?” Turns out if you lock them in tiny spaces, it kills them, and if you get in with them, they kill you.]]> <![CDATA[Real guitar heroes in 'It Might Get Loud']]> What do Jack White from The White Stripes, The Edge from U2, and Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin have in common, besides the obvious? Each represents a prominent part of a musical movement that thrives around one of the most significant instruments created in the past century: the electric guitar.]]> <![CDATA[Bad title, good movie]]> Forty-five minutes or so into Tower Heist, the question arises: Is this movie with the title of purest generica — was “Stealing Money” taken? — truly good, or simply less bad than most of what director Brett Ratner has done previously?]]> <![CDATA[Grown up but not good]]> Sandlers character is the rich, successful, cool one, the one were supposed to relate to, though hes by far the most condescending of the bunch, a Hollywood agent married to a fashion designer (Salma Hayek, who now goes by Salma Hayek Pinault)...]]> <![CDATA[Not this again]]> Marni (Bell) was mercilessly bullied in high school, which was the last thing a kid with acne, braces, glasses and a really bad haircut needed. Her chief tormentor was J.J., the hotheaded cheerleader played with a cruel verve by Odette Yustman. J.J. was the girl who turned Marni%uFFFDs initials, MOO, into a final humiliation.]]> <![CDATA[listen up!]]> Same-sex marriage is now sweeping across the country, but the first same-sex couples to be legally married were hitched here in Boulder all the way back In 1975 when then Boulder County Clerk Clela Rorex issued marriage licenses to six same-sex couples.]]> <![CDATA[Get Fassbent]]> So the whole time, Michael Fassbender wears this giant, papier-mache-style head and mumble-sings gibberish lyrics about things like snags in the carpet while other people play instruments they created out of things like toothbrushes. Welcome to Frank,.]]> <![CDATA[That ship cray: ‘Noah’ ain’t bible school, y’all]]> It takes all of five minutes for Noah to deliver a Dikembe Mutombo-like swat to expectations of Sunday school Bible study. Six-armed, rock-encrusted, giant fallen angels help humans to build thriving cities on a Pangaea-era Earth that looks like an alien planet. This is the Book of Genesis by way of Middle Earth. That’s not an accident.]]> <![CDATA[VHS]]> The Found Footage Festival is a live comedy show presenting the most absurd videos recorded on VHS. Joe Pickett and Joe Prueher, who have both written for The Onion and Entertainment Weekly, are the curators.]]> <![CDATA[Badly thought out film adaptations, nevermore]]> Edgar Allan Poe introduced his 1840s readership to a new kind of fiction: detective novels. In his dark, twisted and often macabre stories, criminals committed crimes and were brought to justice by an]]> <![CDATA[Emphasis on ‘film’]]> The International Film Series is a celluloid-focused Boulder institution attached to the film studies department at the University of Colorado Boulder, and it’s been going strong since 1941, when IFS began showing eclectic black-and-white 16 mm titles. With CU’s Muenzinger Auditorium as its chief venue, IFS now fills nearly every night in Boulder — skipping only summers — with exciting documentaries, unique features from around the globe, and mint-condition reels of inimitable oldies.]]> <![CDATA[Art reflecting Ebert]]> Parliamentary correspondent Simon Horrart.” And, “There I asked Ted Turner how he got so much else right, and colorization wrong.” And a personal favorite, “From the basement of Macky Auditorium, I participated in Colorado’s first live webcast, although I’m fairly certain no one was watching.]]> <![CDATA[Dont pity the A-Team]]> The team fails at its mission, is framed and each A-Team member is subsequently thrown in prison. No worries. They break out through increasingly unlikely sequences of events and then have the dual task of recovering the stolen plates and clearing their names.]]> <![CDATA[Unwelcome drama]]> Though it offers plenty of larky scenes, such as Vince Vaughn and Kevin James man-dancing together at the Green Mill (the popular Chicago jazz club) or taking in a Blackhawks game, it's darker than any of the ads suggest.]]> <![CDATA[Peter Fonda to make appearance at BIFF]]> Peter Fonda, social media guru Andy Carvin and software expert Blaise Agera y Aracas are key guests at the 9th Annual Boulder International Film Festival, which kicks off its film series on Feb. 14. ]]> <![CDATA[Rock n roll odd couple]]> Were not talking about Greek tragedy (though if they dont get to the Greek, it will of course be sad). As a director, Stollers touch is uneven: When the trouble becomes violently physical in Vegas, the tone seems uncertain..]]> <![CDATA[Best and worst movies of 2013]]> The only thing worse than years virtually free of good movies are years when I could make a top 10 list from the films I cut from my final top 10 list. What I’m sayin’ is: 2013 was real, real good, y’all.]]> <![CDATA[Where's the honey?]]> Winnie the Pooh, Disney’s latest film revival of A.A. Milne’s “willy, nilly, silly old bear,” is longer on charm than it is on laughs. Or length. But it’s a treat for children making their first trek to the multiplex and for parents and grandparents with fond memories of the Hundred Acre Wood.]]>