<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Reel To Reel]]> <![CDATA[Destination unknown]]> The conversations are of a disastrous nature, but oddly, Locke doesn’t try to save anyone, undo irreparable damage or make everything right. Instead, Locke tries to rationalize his actions and decisions to anyone who will listen. Maybe not for others, but certainly for himself.]]> <![CDATA[Reel to reel | Week of May 24, 2012]]> In a large apartment high above the city lives a couple. She’s a painter, he’s a successful actor. Just a normal afternoon — except that this isn’t a normal afternoon, for them or anyone else. Because tomorrow, at 4:44 a.m., give or take a few seconds, the world will come to an end far more rapidly than even the worst doomsayer could have imagined.]]> <![CDATA[Reel to reel | Week of November 15, 2012]]> Anna Karenina is acclaimed director Joe Wright’s bold, theatrical new vision of the epic story of love, stirringly adapted from Leo Tolstoy’s great novel by Academy Award winner Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare in Love). Rated R. At Esquire. –– Landmark Theatres]]> <![CDATA[Reel to reel | Week of November 28, 2013]]> Frozen: When the snow queen traps a tiny kingdom in eternal winter, Anna and Kristoff, accompanied by Sven the reindeer and a comical snowman that has trouble keeping his head, set out to end the spell.]]> <![CDATA[reel to reel | Week of August 4, 2011]]> Unable to afford the vacation he%uFFFDd dreamed of, recent college grad James Brennan (Jesse Eisenberg) takes a gig at a local amusement park, only to learn that the dead-end job is actually good preparation for the real world. At Denver FilmCenter/Colfax. %uFFFD Denver Film Society.]]> <![CDATA[film]]> Silent film starring Harold Lloyd and featuring live musical accompaniment by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra. Harold Lloyd’s comic masterpiece Kid Brother is a masterful blend of great comedy and sentiments. Harold Hickory (Lloyd) is smitten by Mary Powers travelling with her late father’s medicine show.]]> <![CDATA[Grapes and seeds]]> The inaugural A Taste of Art: Boulder’s Art and Food Festival at The Dairy Center for the Arts includes several interesting documentaries. Here are BW’s picks for the tastiest viewing. A wine tasting from Hazel’s Wine Bar will follow the screening of A Year in Burgundy on June 13th and a Q&A with the director of Open Sesame will follow the screening on June 12th. Tickets and more information at thedairy.org.]]> <![CDATA[Reel to reel | Week of August 30, 2012]]> 2016: OBAMA’S AMERICA: A film by Dinesh D’Souza, author of Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream, speculates on how another four years of Obama as president would allow his sordid past to ruin America’s future. Rated PG. At Century.]]> <![CDATA[Reel to reel | Week of September 20, 2012]]> <![CDATA[Reel to reel]]> A realistic, funny and, at times, heartbreaking look at dating, love and friendship told from the point of view of Tyler, a perpetual bachelor. Tyler follows a set of rules specifically designed to help him avoid emotional attachment. At Denver FilmCenter/Colfax. — Denver Film Society]]> <![CDATA[Mean streets and dark nights]]> Film noir gained popularity in the early 1940s, just as America entered the war and the moviegoing public was looking for something darker to sink their teeth into. Lucky for them, Hollywood recently gained an influx of European émigrés fleeing the Nazi Party.]]> <![CDATA[Reel to reel | Week of December 19, 2013]]> <![CDATA[Reel to reel | Week of October 18, 2012]]> 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY: A series of encounters between humans and mysterious black monoliths are apparently affecting evolution. Two astronauts and their computer-controlled spaceship, Hal 9000, set out on a mission to locate a monolith on Jupiter after tracing a signal. IFS at Muenzinger.]]> <![CDATA[film]]> In this film, Atang leaves the hustle of Johannesburg to return to his ancestral land of Lesotho, where he must bury his estranged father in the remote, mountainous village where he was born. Stirred by memories of his youth, he falls in love with his childhood friend, Dineo, now a radiant young school teacher.]]> <![CDATA[Reel to reel | Week of September 19, 2013]]> Battle of the Year: Drama unfolds as a wealthy hip-hop mogul is determined to put the U.S. back on top when it comes to an international dance crew competition. Rated PG-13. At Century.]]> <![CDATA[Reel to reel | Week of February 21, 2013]]> POSTCARD: Kaneto Shindo’s 49th film is a tragedy set in 1944 about a young soldier. At SIE FilmCenter. — Denver Film Society]]> <![CDATA[reel to reel | Week of Jan. 26, 2012]]> <![CDATA[film]]> Join us for this heartwarming, humorous and candid documentary about the challenges and victories of seniors as they dive into the digital world. A group of initially reluctant computer novices discover the wonders of the internet with the help of teenage mentors.]]> <![CDATA[reel to reel | Week of Feb. 20]]> Night of the Living Dead To describe it as “A group of people hide from bloodthirsty zombies in a farmhouse” would be like summarizing Titanic as “Big boat hits chunk of ice; sinks.” But Living Dead is half as long and more than twice as interesting. At Boedecker. — Boedecker Theater]]> <![CDATA[Reel to reel | Week of May 2, 2013]]> My Brother the Devil stars James Floyd as Rashid, a young man from a traditional Arab family who runs with a gang that rules the streets of Hackney, one of London’s most ethnically-mixed and historically volatile neighborhoods. At Chez Artiste. –– Landmark Theatres]]>